Book Club

The AAUW BookClub Interest Group meets every month execpt December. Each May, members recommend books; the group votes to select books for a new season.
The group meets on the third Monday of each month and any AAUW member is welcome to join. In the summer months, the group loves to meet at the beach for their discussions, then as the weather gets cooler and the days shorter, we meet in volunteers’ homes.
If you have an interest in becoming a BookClub member or would like additional information, please email with “BookClub” in the subject line. See the newsletter and get on our email list for the latest information.
The books for the 2021-2022 season are:
  • August, Hidden Valley Road by R. Kolker
  • September, West with the Night by B. Markham
  • October, The Wine Maker’s Wife by K. Harmel
  • November, One in a Million Boy by M. Wood
  • January, Dragonfruit by M.M. McManus
  • February, The Immoral Irishman by T.Egan
  • March, Caste by I. Wilderson
  • April, The One Man by A. Gross
  • May, The Fours Winds by K. Hannah
Here are some of the books we have read in the past.