Board Members


Help us fill the gaps.   We are looking for a Community Volunteer Coordinator and a BUNCO Interest Group Lead.

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Elected Officers
  *voting member
Janet Usinger President *
Peggy Poindexter / Barbara Ortiz President Elect *
Julie Tice & Mary Fenelon Treasurer Co-VP *
Suzie Evans & Christina Silk Programs Co-VP *
Sharon Schrage & Diane Woodward Membership Co-VP *
Carolyn Smith Secretary *
Appointed Officers
Jane Dykstra Directory under Membership
Laura Durica, Julie Tice, Cass Maller, Janet Usinger Communications Chair * Website/Facebook/Google Drive/Domain Admin
Millie Szerman Newsletter under Communications
Millie Szerman Publicity under Communications
Janet Usinger Fundraising Chair *
Connie Skidmore Parliamentarian
Esther Levandowski & Jane Dykstra Scholarship Chair
Mary Fenelon STEM Chair *
TBD Community Volunteer Coordinator
Honorary Officers
Jane Dykstra Past President
Activity Leaders
* see directory for contact info.
Patty Proctor Great Decisions   *
Lynn Whetstone Hiking Interest Group   *
Liz Paganelli Kayaking Interest Group   *
Millie Clarke Biking Interest Group   *
Susan Parks & Edie Farrell Book Club   *
Peggy Poindexter, Julie Tice & Christina Silk Cooking Club
Debbie Nicholas Travel Tips Interest Group
Millie Szerman Cinemaddicts (movies)